Author Interview

I met Phillip Spencer briefly at Fantasycon in Brighton last year and was delighted that he’d read some of my stuff and liked it. I meant to buy him a drink, but our paths didn’t cross again for the rest of the weekend – sometimes conventions are like that. We’re both going to the World Fantasy Con this year, and I think I definitely owe him a double for running this interview with me on his Nightspore blog. Thanks, Phillip!

And the photo? It’s quite old, but it’s really me. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with make-up, good lighting and a professional photographer?

Good News

Some of my books have been accepted by Pro Se Press, an independent publisher of Pulp fiction.

They will be bringing out a new e-book and a print version of “To Die A Stranger” later this year. I don’t have a firm date yet, but I’ll post the info as I get it on this blog. The plan is to follow that with further titles in the Anna & Zenni series. I’ll be taking the self-published version down from Amazon Kindle tomorrow, March 31st. If you’ve bought it, don’t worry – it won’t vanish from your Kindle, but if you delete it from there, it won’t be in your list of books on Amazon. You can save it to your computer to keep – it doesn’t have DRM copy protection.

Pro Se Press will also be publishing a new Afton & Jerome novella. Again, I’m not sure of the date. I haven’t finished writing it yet, so it’ll be a few months. They’ve also accepted two of my short stories for their magazine, Pro Se Presents, which also appears as an e-book and in print. The first one, “The Third Worst Thing That Can Happen On Mars” should be in the next issue, coming in June.

“No Earthly Shore” and “The Dragon, Fly” will still be available on Amazon Kindle.

I’m very excited about this. Pro Se Press are a forward-looking and exciting publisher, and have recently won awards for their books. They’re also very nice people to work with and I hope my books do well for them.

Last Day of Jubilee Freebie

Today (5th June) is the last day of the current giveaway of The Dragon, Fly, and other Flights of Fancy on Kindle select. More than 300 people have downloaded the book already. I’m pleased that 2 copies have been downloaded in Spain, as none of my previous books have gone to that part of the world. I’m also amazed to see that 9 copies have been downloaded in Germany.

I know I have at least one Italian follower on the blog. You can download The Dragon, Fly here, so please do.

The Dragon, Fly

Just released on Kindle today, a collection of SF/fantasy stories. Two were previously published for real, in small-press magazines in the 90s and another was included in a very limited chapbook produced by the local SF club. Most have strong female protagonists and some have a touch of horror. When Dave was doing a read-through for typos, he said that two of them reminded him of pulp stories from the 50s, a mash-up of Alex Raymond and Clark Ashton Smith! A couple of them are excerpts from future Anna & Zenni novels, so there’s a mixture of stuff that should please everyone. It has a gorgeous cover by fantasy artist, Morgan Fitzsimons.

I’m running a Jubilee Freebie over the weekend, from June 2nd to 5th, after which it will be priced at £1.31 or $1.99. Find it on Amazon US and Amazon UK (but also available on other Amazon European sites).

I now have four titles on Amazon Kindle, and more will follow over the next few months. I’m also going to produce To Die A Stranger as a real book, just because I want to put it on my shelf!


The Dragon, Fly cover

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