Officially a New Pulp Writer

My author bio has appeared on the Pro Se website, so I’m officially a writer of New Pulp. Dave wrote most of it – I find it very hard to write about myself in the third person and I hadn’t given them enough info. It has my ‘professional author’ photo, which was taken a while ago. Sweet Goddess, did I really have such black hair? It isn’t that dark now, it’s faded to the shade known as pepper and salt, and I have a few wrinkles. I’m vain enough to want to stick with that photo for the moment!

In other news, just got another 5 star review on Amazon for The Dragon, Fly, my SF/fantasy/horror short story collection. Thank you, lovely reader, for being so kind. This is what keeps us writers going, helping us to push through blocks in inspiration, plots that won’t untangle and characters who refuse to be wrangled in the right direction. Knowing that my tales have pleased someone is a much welcome reward.

Full Set of Great Reviews!

The BFS has now reviewed all four of my self-published books. The latest review, for my short story collection, The Dragon, Fly, is here. Thanks, Stewart, and I’m so glad you liked them.

My Mars story should be out very soon – the issue of Pro Se Presents it will appear in is due this month. I don’t have a date on their re-issue of To Die A Stranger yet – as soon as I know, I’ll pass on the news.

It’s my Mum’s birthday today – she would have been 87. She died on the day the world ended, September 10th 2008, which was the day they switched on the LHC at CERN. Happy Birthday, Mum – I still miss you.

Plasma Frequency Magazine

The first issue of a brand new SF magazine, Plasma Frequency, is just out and available as a print edition and a free download. Nine original stories – I’m working my way through them slowly – three lovely bits of artwork and a book review of To Die A Stranger by yours truly. It’s a great review. Thanks to the editor, Richard Flores IV, and I’m very glad you liked my novel. There will be more about Anna and Zenni – there’s a story arc of around ten books, which need some polishing and re-writes before they get published.

Lovely shiny new review!

Just got another wonderful review from the BFS for my novel, To Die A Stranger. It’s full of glorious bits that I could use as cover blurb on the paperback edition, which I plan to bring out soon. Here’s a link to my page for the book, with buying info.

I was really worried when I knew that TDAS might be reviewed. The Anna & Zenni books are a major part of my work, and there are a lot of them, so I needed their first outing to be appealing. I apologise for the pantomime villains – blame that on watching too much Man from UNCLE, The Avengers, The Champions and The Prisoner as a child!

Another Great Review

Just been blessed with another good review from the British Fantasy Society for Spook/Spirit/Stone.

These stories have lived for so long on my hard-drive, hidden and read by only a few. It’s strange and scary to let them out into the wild, to declare them a finished version that I can’t tinker with from time to time. It’s great that people like them and it’s really interesting to get different viewpoints on them. I’d never thought of Jerome as gruff, but that’s one of the weird tricks of fiction, that things that the author didn’t intend or plan sneak into the narrative.

There are some more Afton and Jerome stories – three short ones and two unfinished novellas. They’ll all appear on Kindle eventually, but I’m making no promises over when or how soon. As for a novel, I’m not sure I’m clever enough to write a full-length crime story, especially in first-person present tense, which these insisted they had to be in. I’d always thought of them as fragments of the detectives’ lives, each just long enough to suit the plot idea.

The Spook and the Spirit in the Stone is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US and also in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. It’s priced at 77p/99 cents at the moment, so a real bargain.

No Earthly Shore Review

Just got a great review from the British Fantasy Society, which I’m really chuffed about. The novella is available as a Kindle e-book at Amazon UK and US for only $1.99 or approx £1.24, a real bargain.

cover of my SF novella