Good News

Some of my books have been accepted by Pro Se Press, an independent publisher of Pulp fiction.

They will be bringing out a new e-book and a print version of “To Die A Stranger” later this year. I don’t have a firm date yet, but I’ll post the info as I get it on this blog. The plan is to follow that with further titles in the Anna & Zenni series. I’ll be taking the self-published version down from Amazon Kindle tomorrow, March 31st. If you’ve bought it, don’t worry – it won’t vanish from your Kindle, but if you delete it from there, it won’t be in your list of books on Amazon. You can save it to your computer to keep – it doesn’t have DRM copy protection.

Pro Se Press will also be publishing a new Afton & Jerome novella. Again, I’m not sure of the date. I haven’t finished writing it yet, so it’ll be a few months. They’ve also accepted two of my short stories for their magazine, Pro Se Presents, which also appears as an e-book and in print. The first one, “The Third Worst Thing That Can Happen On Mars” should be in the next issue, coming in June.

“No Earthly Shore” and “The Dragon, Fly” will still be available on Amazon Kindle.

I’m very excited about this. Pro Se Press are a forward-looking and exciting publisher, and have recently won awards for their books. They’re also very nice people to work with and I hope my books do well for them.