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To celebrate the first Digital Book Day I am making my collection of SF & fantasy stories, The Dragon, Fly, and other flights of fancy FREE on July 14th! It contains such delights as assassin nuns, a woman who can walk through the holes in reality, a super-intelligent cat called Ishtar, and two excerpts from future Anna & Zenni novels.

Get it here at Amazon US or at Amazon UK.

As Amazon works on Pacific time, I’ve made it free on both the 13th and 14th to cover other time zones.


The Dragon, Fly


Three… two… one… we have lift-off!

To Die A Stranger is now officially out – here’s its page on the Pro Se website. It’s available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon, US and UK, and from other outlets including Smashwords.

I ordered two copies from Amazon UK and got them within a couple of days. In my opinion (and I admit that I’m very biased!) it’s a good-looking book, with a lovely cover and nice formatting on the inside. Pro Se have done a great job.

Pro Se's To Die A Stranger cover

Officially a New Pulp Writer

My author bio has appeared on the Pro Se website, so I’m officially a writer of New Pulp. Dave wrote most of it – I find it very hard to write about myself in the third person and I hadn’t given them enough info. It has my ‘professional author’ photo, which was taken a while ago. Sweet Goddess, did I really have such black hair? It isn’t that dark now, it’s faded to the shade known as pepper and salt, and I have a few wrinkles. I’m vain enough to want to stick with that photo for the moment!

In other news, just got another 5 star review on Amazon for The Dragon, Fly, my SF/fantasy/horror short story collection. Thank you, lovely reader, for being so kind. This is what keeps us writers going, helping us to push through blocks in inspiration, plots that won’t untangle and characters who refuse to be wrangled in the right direction. Knowing that my tales have pleased someone is a much welcome reward.

The Third Worst Thing That Can Happen On Mars

My first SF story for Pro Se Presents, The Third Worst Thing That Can Happen On Mars, has just come out in the Summer 2013 issue. Editor In Chief, Tommy Hancock, has this to say about it:

This extra sized issue Is Jam Packed with The Most Pulp Goodness One Magazine Can Handle. Thrill to Issue 19’s Feature story as the skull faced horrific avenger, BROTHER BONES, returns in another tale from Ron Fortier. Kevin Rodgers delivers science fiction horror in SLAUGHTERSHIP while A. M. Paulson’s popular Dog Detective returns for a new tale of the Flatfoot with a tail. Robert Kingett shares a provoking, well crafted essay on one of literature’s most popular characters and Jilly Paddock imparts her sci fi wisdom by sharing THE THIRD WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN ON MARS. Aaron Smith’s popular Hockey Star turned Cop, Picard returns and joins Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.s’ Torahg the Warrior in his magazine debut. Ron Capshaw’s hero Alan Bolt opens this issue and is followed by the debut of Doll Face, a disturbing, intriguing character from the mind of Charis Taylor. PRO SE PRESENTS #19 is a breakneck, nonstop cyclone of Horror, Sci-Fi, Hero, Mystery, and just plain Pulp! Featuring a great Brother Bones cover by Rob Davis as well as stunning design by Sean Ali and Ebook formatting by Russ Anderson, PRO SE PRESENTS #19 makes Quarterly look GREAT! From Pro Se Productions.

Pick up PRO SE PRESENTS #19 in print for $9.00 on Amazon at Shop Pro Se’s store at Get the issue from Barnes & Noble at Also available in Ebook Format for $2.99 via Kindle at, for the Nook at, and for multiple formats at

This is the Amazon UK link.

Last Day of Free Promo

Today (October 2nd) is the last day that all four of my books are free on Kindle. I won’t be repeating the free offer for a while, as I’ve used up all my free days.

Both of the novellas have been downloaded a lot, and the novel also. I’m pleased about that and hope it might gain me a few much-needed reviews. The short story collection is less popular, which I expected as short fiction doesn’t do as well.

The novel, To Die A Stranger, is Number 1 in Free Spy Fiction today, which is great. I tagged it as a spy novel as well as SF to see if that would increase sales, and it seems to be working.

P.S. I didn’t write the previous blog post. It was done by my Other Half, Dave, who struggled with the horrendously slow Wi-fi at the Fantasycon hotel on the first day of the free promotion. He’s been tirelessly posting to listing websites and Facebook groups to promote the books.

Just a Reminder

All four of my books will be free to celebrate the Fantasycon weekend, for five days from 28th September to 2nd October. Choose from – or grab all of –

No Earthly Shore, (US link) an SF novella about first contact with invertebrate aliens, with a side-order of synaesthesia, marine biology and patchwork patterns.

The Spook & the Spirit in the Stone, (US link) an SF/detective novella about  a kidnapped child, a spy who can read minds and teleport, a ghostly guardian and the two police detectives who have to untangle the mess.

The Dragon, Fly, (US link) a collection of SF and fantasy short fiction.

To Die A Stranger, (US link) an SF novel about an actress who almost dies in a crash, becomes a spy with psionic powers by mistake and has to run for her life, pursued by the intelligence organisation who runs such agents.

I shall be in Brighton, trying to avoid the rain, looking forward to eating at some nice restaurants and talking to all the interesting folks there.

Book Giveaways

I’m going to Fantasycon 2012 in Brighton on 27th-30th September, and to promote my books I’ll be making all of them free for that weekend and for a couple of days afterwards. Find links to them here, on my Amazon author page in the UK, but they’re also available in the US, Europe and also in India.

For those of you going to Fantasycon, I’d love to meet you there. It’s not a huge con, so we’ll probably bump into each other over the weekend.

Plasma Frequency Magazine

The first issue of a brand new SF magazine, Plasma Frequency, is just out and available as a print edition and a free download. Nine original stories – I’m working my way through them slowly – three lovely bits of artwork and a book review of To Die A Stranger by yours truly. It’s a great review. Thanks to the editor, Richard Flores IV, and I’m very glad you liked my novel. There will be more about Anna and Zenni – there’s a story arc of around ten books, which need some polishing and re-writes before they get published.

Lovely shiny new review!

Just got another wonderful review from the BFS for my novel, To Die A Stranger. It’s full of glorious bits that I could use as cover blurb on the paperback edition, which I plan to bring out soon. Here’s a link to my page for the book, with buying info.

I was really worried when I knew that TDAS might be reviewed. The Anna & Zenni books are a major part of my work, and there are a lot of them, so I needed their first outing to be appealing. I apologise for the pantomime villains – blame that on watching too much Man from UNCLE, The Avengers, The Champions and The Prisoner as a child!

Last Day of Jubilee Freebie

Today (5th June) is the last day of the current giveaway of The Dragon, Fly, and other Flights of Fancy on Kindle select. More than 300 people have downloaded the book already. I’m pleased that 2 copies have been downloaded in Spain, as none of my previous books have gone to that part of the world. I’m also amazed to see that 9 copies have been downloaded in Germany.

I know I have at least one Italian follower on the blog. You can download The Dragon, Fly here, so please do.

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