Free Novella!

To celebrate the Made in Peterborough local writers event, which takes place tomorrow (I’m venturing forth to meet my public, dahlings!) I’ve uploaded The Spook and the Spirit in the Stone to Smashwords. If you use coupon code TL49M you can get all manner of electronic formats for nothing. The coupon is valid until 15/2/15, so if you don’t already have this SF detective tale, please make use of it.

Digital Book Day – some thoughts

So I set my collection of SF & fantasy stories, The Dragon, Fly, to be free on Digital Book Day, July 14th. I gave away 260 copies, and had over 200 visitors to this blog, which was nice.


My book got into the Top 10 Free SF Anthologies list, so it hopefully got some useful exposure.

I got lots of new readers, who may like my stuff and want more. I might even get an Amazon review out of it.

I’ve sold a few books since.


When I first put my books on Kindle, a free book promotion would push you up the rankings and keep you there for a while. Now they’ve altered the algorithms and a book quickly crashes back down into obscurity after its brief moment in the sun. I’m not sure that giveaways are much help anymore.

The book has now turned up on at least one pirate site.

Overall conclusion:

I think the results of Digital Book Day were generally positive and I’ll probably take part again next year.

Free Book!

To celebrate the first Digital Book Day I am making my collection of SF & fantasy stories, The Dragon, Fly, and other flights of fancy FREE on July 14th! It contains such delights as assassin nuns, a woman who can walk through the holes in reality, a super-intelligent cat called Ishtar, and two excerpts from future Anna & Zenni novels.

Get it here at Amazon US or at Amazon UK.

As Amazon works on Pacific time, I’ve made it free on both the 13th and 14th to cover other time zones.


The Dragon, Fly


Last Day of Free Promo

Today (October 2nd) is the last day that all four of my books are free on Kindle. I won’t be repeating the free offer for a while, as I’ve used up all my free days.

Both of the novellas have been downloaded a lot, and the novel also. I’m pleased about that and hope it might gain me a few much-needed reviews. The short story collection is less popular, which I expected as short fiction doesn’t do as well.

The novel, To Die A Stranger, is Number 1 in Free Spy Fiction today, which is great. I tagged it as a spy novel as well as SF to see if that would increase sales, and it seems to be working.

P.S. I didn’t write the previous blog post. It was done by my Other Half, Dave, who struggled with the horrendously slow Wi-fi at the Fantasycon hotel on the first day of the free promotion. He’s been tirelessly posting to listing websites and Facebook groups to promote the books.

Just a Reminder

All four of my books will be free to celebrate the Fantasycon weekend, for five days from 28th September to 2nd October. Choose from – or grab all of –

No Earthly Shore, (US link) an SF novella about first contact with invertebrate aliens, with a side-order of synaesthesia, marine biology and patchwork patterns.

The Spook & the Spirit in the Stone, (US link) an SF/detective novella about  a kidnapped child, a spy who can read minds and teleport, a ghostly guardian and the two police detectives who have to untangle the mess.

The Dragon, Fly, (US link) a collection of SF and fantasy short fiction.

To Die A Stranger, (US link) an SF novel about an actress who almost dies in a crash, becomes a spy with psionic powers by mistake and has to run for her life, pursued by the intelligence organisation who runs such agents.

I shall be in Brighton, trying to avoid the rain, looking forward to eating at some nice restaurants and talking to all the interesting folks there.

Book Giveaways

I’m going to Fantasycon 2012 in Brighton on 27th-30th September, and to promote my books I’ll be making all of them free for that weekend and for a couple of days afterwards. Find links to them here, on my Amazon author page in the UK, but they’re also available in the US, Europe and also in India.

For those of you going to Fantasycon, I’d love to meet you there. It’s not a huge con, so we’ll probably bump into each other over the weekend.