Blood Type now out in paperback.

Blood Type: an Anthology of Vampire SF on the Cutting Edge is now out in paperback. It’s edited by Robert S Wilson, published by Nightscape Press and will benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I have a story in it, along with many other wonderful writers, including William F Nolan, Mike Resnick and Peter Watts.

I’m pleased to have done my little bit to help this charity. Cystic Fibrosis is a nasty disease with a huge impact on the lives of people who have it. When I worked in medical research – we studied the absorption of drugs in patients with malabsorption syndromes – there were some CF patients in the study. At the lab we tracked the changes in bacterial flora and antibiotic resistance of respiratory infections in our local group of CF patients, which was complicated and challenging work. It’s a hereditary disease – we had several sets of siblings. It was heartbreaking when we had a patient die, but it wasn’t all bad news. One of our local CF patients is the longest surviving recipient of a triple transplant – heart, lungs and liver. His own heart was transplanted into another man, who he got to meet – that must have been a very weird experience!

Blood Type is a big book and well worth just over a tenner, with free postage in the UK. It’s also available on Amazon US and Createspace.

Blood Type: Vampire SF – the trailer

Here’s a link to the trailer for Blood Type: An Anthology of Vampire SF from Nightscape Press. I think it’s pretty cool and it’s great to be included on such a wonderful list of writers. I’ve been reading some of the stories, and the quality is very high. I enjoyed ‘The Undying’, William F Nolan’s contribution, which has the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever seen in print – and as a slap in the eye for all those creative writing gurus who’d like to outlaw such things, the effect is beautiful and poetic. I really liked Amelia Mangan’s ‘The Souls of Stars’  too, but I’m only seven stories in, so I haven’t picked a favourite yet.

The anthology will benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, so if you’re looking for something to put on your shiny new Kindle (or other e-reading device) this Xmas, please consider it. A print edition is due in January 2014.

Blood Type: Vampire SF

I’m delighted to pass on the news that I’ve had a story accepted for Blood Type, an anthology of Vampire SF. Described as “an anthology of dark vampire science fiction”, it’s edited by Robert S Wilson and will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. It will appear later this summer.

I don’t usually write horror, and I’ve never done a vampire story before. This one emerged from the hindbrain very rapidly; I got the first scene while driving home from my Dad’s, beat the thing into submission over a fortnight and sneaked in just before the deadline. It’s called “Mountains of Ice”, and I’m very pleased that Robert liked it. To be in an anthology with Mike Resnick, William F Nolan and Peter Watts is amazing! I’ve only recently discovered Peter Watts’ Rifters books and read all four surprisingly quickly. They’re full of weird biochemistry and strange bacteria – I think he must have written them just for me, as my microbiological background helped me grasp all the out-there concepts they contained. I loved them.

Could do with mountains of ice at the moment, as summer’s finally arrived. I’m struggling with the high temperatures – yes, I know that 29C is fairly puny to some of you out there, but this is England and we don’t do hot!