I’ve only been tempted into fanfic once. I loved the TV series Poltergeist: The Legacy, which aired from 1996-99. Not sure what it was about it that captured my imagination, but the mix of supernatural and secret societies just seemed to work, and I fell for the lead, Derek Rayne, played by Derek de Lint. There was an active fan community and some of them wrote about the show. I did read some good stories, but a lot of it was of poor quality, full of typos and Mary Sues, just a vehicle for the characters to jump into each other’s beds. So I wrote a short story and then two novellas, one almost at novel length. I did enjoy using a pre-created world, and I tried to be true to the characters and put in a decent plot. I have the two shorter ones up on, Kat’s Demon and False Knight on the Road, and the longest one, The Harrowing of Hell, is posted here, in six parts. Harrowing is a sequel to False Knight, although it isn’t essential to read that one first. They contain a couple of characters from Anna & Zenni’s universe – well, I had them lying around and they fitted, so it seemed a shame not to use them.

P:TL has a Wikipedia page here which provides all the necessary info and backstory. The location used for the San Francisco Legacy House was Hatley Castle in Vancouver and it turns up in lots of other series. Lex Luthor lived there in Smallville and it’s the Queen family home in Arrow.

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