Books are coming!

I have two new books in the pipeline, which should arrive in the next couple of months.

The first is the next volume in the Anna & Zenni series, book 4 in the chronology, The Beauty of Our Weapons. Pro Se Press will be publishing this one. I’m waiting for the cover art to be done. It should be interesting as they’re using an artist who hasn’t worked on my stuff before.

The second is Warbird, my long space opera, which I’m self-publishing. I have a lovely cover done by the amazing Adam Shaw, and a black & white illustration of the alien by the wonderful Jim Pitts, which I’m going to use as a frontispiece. I’ll be doing some artwork reveals a little closer to the publication date. I still need to source an ISBN and get the final version of the book formatted. I’m guessing it’ll be ready by October.

Warbird is told from the viewpoints of six characters, but most of it centres on Rachel Murray, Commander of the Terran Space Corps Vessel, Vienna. Other people we get into the heads of are Dr Kit Brennan, leader of the team who built the Vienna, Lieutenant-Commander Benjamin Ede, Rachel’s boyfriend, Quinn Gresham, Captain of the Vienna, Lieutenant Carla Villeneuve, Comms Officer, and Dr Lyn Sawyer, a linguist on board the spaceship. There’s a first contact situation with a race of flying, eight-limbed aliens called arachnoids due to their superficial resemblance to spiders–they’re actually egg-laying mammals with hollow bones like birds.

The elevator pitch for Warbird is “a bit like Star Trek, with sex and swearing”. It’s unashamed space opera with touches of humour, romance and the supernatural. I’m sure you’ll like it and it should get here soon.

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