Blood Type: Vampire SF

I’m delighted to pass on the news that I’ve had a story accepted for Blood Type, an anthology of Vampire SF. Described as “an anthology of dark vampire science fiction”, it’s edited by Robert S Wilson and will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. It will appear later this summer.

I don’t usually write horror, and I’ve never done a vampire story before. This one emerged from the hindbrain very rapidly; I got the first scene while driving home from my Dad’s, beat the thing into submission over a fortnight and sneaked in just before the deadline. It’s called “Mountains of Ice”, and I’m very pleased that Robert liked it. To be in an anthology with Mike Resnick, William F Nolan and Peter Watts is amazing! I’ve only recently discovered Peter Watts’ Rifters books and read all four surprisingly quickly. They’re full of weird biochemistry and strange bacteria – I think he must have written them just for me, as my microbiological background helped me grasp all the out-there concepts they contained. I loved them.

Could do with mountains of ice at the moment, as summer’s finally arrived. I’m struggling with the high temperatures – yes, I know that 29C is fairly puny to some of you out there, but this is England and we don’t do hot!

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