The Dragon, Fly

Just released on Kindle today, a collection of SF/fantasy stories. Two were previously published for real, in small-press magazines in the 90s and another was included in a very limited chapbook produced by the local SF club. Most have strong female protagonists and some have a touch of horror. When Dave was doing a read-through for typos, he said that two of them reminded him of pulp stories from the 50s, a mash-up of Alex Raymond and Clark Ashton Smith! A couple of them are excerpts from future Anna & Zenni novels, so there’s a mixture of stuff that should please everyone. It has a gorgeous cover by fantasy artist, Morgan Fitzsimons.

I’m running a Jubilee Freebie over the weekend, from June 2nd to 5th, after which it will be priced at £1.31 or $1.99. Find it on Amazon US and Amazon UK (but also available on other Amazon European sites).

I now have four titles on Amazon Kindle, and more will follow over the next few months. I’m also going to produce To Die A Stranger as a real book, just because I want to put it on my shelf!


The Dragon, Fly cover


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  1. July 12, 2014 at 11:03 am

    […] celebrate the first Digital Book Day I am making my collection of SF & fantasy stories, The Dragon, Fly, and other flights of fancy FREE on July 14th! It contains such delights as assassin nuns, a woman who can walk through the […]

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